Spring Onion Prices Decline in Nairobi as Supply Increases

By Vera Shawiza / January 24, 2018

Kenya Inflation Tipped to Rise Due Rising Food, Electricity and oil Prices

The market price for a 142-kilogram bag of spring onions has declined in Nairobi, this week compared to last week due to increased supply.

The onions which are currently retailing at 2,300 shillings was at 2,500 shillings last week. There has been a 200-shilling decline in the commodity.

Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, and Kitale have retained the same prices from last week of 3,500 shillings, 1,000 shillings, 1,400 shillings and 3,000 shillings respectively.

A 64-kilogram crate of tomatoes, on the other hand, is being sold as follows in selected towns across the country: 8,500 shillings in Eldoret, which is also the highest market price, 5,500 shillings in Kisumu, 5,200 shillings in Nairobi, 4,000 shillings in Mombasa and Kitale respectively and 3,500 shillings in Nakuru.

A 126-kilogram bag of cabbages is being sold at an average price of 1,750 shillings across the country. The table below gives a summary of the same:

The average market price of cooking bananas is 542 shillings with Eldoret having the highest prices of 1,200 shillings while Kisumu has the lowest at 300 shillings.

A 38-kilogram bag of chilies is being sold as follows: 3,200 shillings in Kitale, 2,500 shillings in Nakuru, 2,280 shillings in Nairobi, 1,400 shillings in Kisumu and 1,300 shillings in Mombasa.

The table below shows the market prices for different commodities in different markets across the country:

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