Steps in Signing Up an Investment Group on ChamasoftApp

By Vera Shawiza / January 9, 2018

Steps in Signing Up an Investment Group on ChamasoftApp

The innovation of Chamasoft, a bookkeeping tool for Investment Groups came as a relief to many eliminating the need for complex Excel sheets and bulky write-up, thereby making the work of financial bookkeeping within the group easier.

As an Investment Group who wants the best in 2018, it is about time that you sign up on Chamasoft in order to enjoy all the benefits.  

Here is what you need to sign up to Chamasoft and learn how to set up an organization.

  1. Good Internet connection.
  2. Any device that can connect to the Internet e.g. laptop, mobile phone (laptop or desktop computer recommended).
  3. Your investment group information i.e. group name, group size, group phone number and the group’s email address if available.
  4. Your group member’s information i.e. member’s name (first and last name), member’s phone number and the member’s email address if available.
  5. Your group banking information i.e. your group’s bank account details if you have a bank account e.g. Equity or SACCO account if you invest in SACCOs.
  6. Your group’s contribution details (e.g. we contribute 500 shillings a month every 2nd day of the month).

In order to get started on Chamasoft, the investment group must be registered in order to enjoy all the features.

It involves creating and activating an account in five simple steps as follows:

    1. Visit our website: from your web browser. This shows the Chamasoft homepage as displayed above.
    2. From the right side, click on Sign Up to create a new Chamasoft account. This will take you to the signup page below.


  • Fill in your details and register your Investment Group. This includes the First Name, Last Name, Email Address or Phone Number, Group Name and lastly the Group Members Number 


Then, click on SIGN UP to create an account.

After the above steps, you will be taken to another interface where you need to activate the account. An activation code is sent to your phone and/or your email address.

  1. Activate your Investment Group Account.

After Activating your Account, you are automatically directed to your Investment Group Dashboard. The group is awarded a 14 days’ trial after which you can opt to pay a regular subscription charge.

After all the steps being followed, the Investment Group Account will successfully have been created and activated.

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