Dear Entrepreneur, What Makes a Successful Brand?

By Juma Fred / February 2, 2018

Everyone would love to have a successful brand. Unfortunately, people are often focused on the end result and not on what makes the whole process of making a brand great.

Many entrepreneurs have failed in an attempt to establish their own brands because of not knowing the steps to making a brand stand out.

Making a brand successful is not something that can happen overnight. It is something that takes time. It is like a treacherous journey full of setbacks.

What defines a successful brand?


Business is all about trust. This is the invisible currency that every brand should have. People don’t buy products and services, they buy trust. A brand that instills trust in both its employees and customers is a brand that is on the right path to success. Trust is what makes that customer come back to you after the first purchase. As Lady Gaga once said, trust is a mirror, once broken, you can fix it but you can still see the cracks in the reflection.


People are always looking on how to connect with the story of a brand. Although the majority might not be aware of whatever they might be looking for, it is always the purpose. Nowadays, people make decisions about where they want to spend their money and often, the only thing that will set you apart from your competitors is your sense of mission. For your brand to be a success, it must have a purpose that is easy to understand and associate with.


A successful brand is agile. This is the ability to change with the changing world. A secret in the successfulness of the brand lies in the realization that the tastes of its customers are not permanent. They keep on changing and so should the brand. The business world is ever-changing and a great brand is that which adapts to the changes to the satisfaction of the customer.


There is no business that exists in a vacuum. Every business has competitors. To withstand competition, a successful brand has to be unique in both the products and services. Your products and services should stand out from the rest.


A successful brand should be consistent. The brand should not be wavering when it comes to quality for instance unless it is towards making is better than it is. Consistency also lies in how the brand channels out information especially when there is a crisis.

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