Why Insurance Agents Should Change Tactics or Risk Losing Out

By Soko Directory Team / February 28, 2018

Have you ever been disturbed by an insurance agent until you feel like screaming every time you see them?

Have you ever felt like just taking up that insurance just to keep that agent from coming to your office or door every day including giving you late-night calls?

If there are people who never give up when they see and imagine a potential client, then are those selling insurance covers. They will keep on knocking at your door no matter what with some even calling you in the middle of the night just to ask if you will be available the following day.

Many people are increasingly failing to take up insurance covers not because they don’t want to but because of the ‘stubborn’ nature of the agents. To make matters worse, some of them do not even understand the insurance they want to sell to you, works. Ask them a question and they will start sweating everywhere choosing to leave you with complicated write-ups for you to try and comprehend. With Kenyans who are ever busy, sometimes doing nothing, who will have time going through such complicated broadsheets?

The world is drastically changing in terms of technology but most of the insurance firms in Kenya are ridged. They have refused to acknowledge the power of social media in reaching out to new customers as well as retaining the existing one. They still choose to use agents and salespersons who are doing a lot of disservice to them.

Some will argue that it is a way of creating employment. Yes, it is. Then at least train them on simple customer care ethics and how they should approach a customer. Teach them when it is time to let go. Do not give them targets that they cannot deliver leading them into the desperation of wanting to get a client no matter what.

Most insurance firms in Kenya are not on social media. Those who are on social media are inactive and their timelines tell of tweets and posts made ages ago. Some have phone numbers that never function or if they do, they are never picked at the front desk. These among others make insurance firms in Kenya look like frauds and people who are only out to milk people’s money.

Trust me, if car insurance was not compulsory, no Kenyan would bother covering their vehicles because of the ordeal they go through in trying to make claims after an accident. A general feeling among Kenyans is that insurance firms are never genuine when it comes to making your claims and that majority are only out to make money.

Something needs to be done and it needs to be done fast.

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