Dennis NEEDS your HELP; The Journalist Who Has Cancer And is a Victim of Captivity in India

By Steve Biko Wafula / Published March 31, 2018 | 6:12 am

What makes your heart cringe with pity, hopelessness, empathy, and lack of words? What makes your tears just stream forth like the rain of spring?

What tugs at the chords of your kindness and mercy when you see someone in so much pain? What moves your soul to the seat of mercy to help another soul?

As I write this, am sitting by the palm tree in my father’s compound looking at it wondering what kind of lessons it holds therein, what kind of advice it might have for a soul in pain like mine. What mistakes can it share with me to help me navigate this life?

Its leaves are turning from brown to green as the water gets into the soil and the earth takes a breather from the hot, dry and dusty weather. I wonder how it survived the repugnant weather. Such a resilience plant. Just like the human spirit. You can be amazed at what we can stomach and stand when push comes to shove.

Tears are lingering in my eyes. My heart is heavier than a pregnant elephant. My soul feels restless and my spirit is distraught. My thoughts are with Dennis Omondi. A brilliant young journalist that I had the pleasure and honor to meet while we both worked at West FM Media Studios in Bungoma and Nairobi. He is a fascinating young man with a brilliant future. His grasp on matters journalistic is amazing. It was easy to connect and enchant one another with our passions.

READThe Story of an Amazing Journalist Who Is in Dire Need of Your Help

As life happens, I moved on to my own dreams and ventures and Dennis continued with his. As it is, we all got busy, only touching base when we needed to on matters current affairs or when we met in Bungoma for a cup of tea and roasted maize, which was rare. Life for me has been tough, been busy, but wondering if I have been productive or someone else is taking the efforts of my sweat. As such, I was minding my own when I was met with this video of my old friend on my twitter timeline asking for help, from India in captivity.



My heart broke into a thousand pieces. I didn’t even think that was possible. Life has been tough, Nairobi has taught me how to harden, as such is the only way to survive. But my heart broke and my mind went into overdrive. How we take a lot for granted. I wondered if that was me, who would help? Am I helping enough to even qualify for help from others? I panicked and I think I still am panicking because I am yet to find a solution to my friend’s dilemma.

My friend’s illness and the current fluid situation in India has sent me on a path that is not only tricky but puzzling. I keep wondering what next for us young people, who live from hand to mouth. Who lives in a country with a broken healthcare system. Who lives in a country where those charged with the responsibility of ensuring a better healthcare system seek treatment abroad.

A story is told of a rich, powerful Kenyan politician who is in the current government who flew to South Africa for Specialized treatment and while there, he was asked if he wanted a local South Africa doctor or a foreign doctor and he said, he wanted a foreign doctor and a foreign doctor was called for him. A specialist for whatever he was ailing from at that time. Lo and behold, the doctor that was called was from Kenya and was known to him. That story is told everywhere to mock just how our leaders are killing our public healthcare system for their own private gains. The doctor treated him and he was discharged.

Now how many of us can afford the option of local or foreign doctors being at our beck and call. How many of us have our taxes at our disposal to pay for foreign treatment. These thoughts are just brooding my already dark mind and am wondering whoever bewitched us, what happened to them?

I know every day we have requests for help. We have people to sort out. We have responsibilities to meet yet the means to do so dwindle with each passing day. For me, at least five requests for fundraising for cancer treatment happen to land in my inbox every day and we try our best to highlight and pray and give the little we can. I have resolved to not complain but to pray to God for the opportunity to be blessed so that I can help all those who come my way. I have no right to ask you to help anyone, let alone listen to my countryside tales but my heart breaks for Dennis Ole Omondi. I am asking you to just give the little you can. That will go a long way for him to clear to the current bill of 1.4 million shillings and help him raise the needed total of  6.5 million shillings so that he can get the requisite treatment and for him to come back.

I believe in the kindness of our hearts as Kenyans. I believe in the mercy of our deeds. I have seen us coming together and helping so many people through the little that we have. This is a genuine case. I pray that God touches you as you read and that you have empathy and send the little you have.

I would love to challenge the media fraternity too. This is our brother. This is our son. This is a young man with so much hope and promise. Let us help snatch him away from the jaws of death. Let us be the rainbow in the clouds of his pain. Let us create the needed bridge for his healing. Let us stand in the gap for him in prayer for I believe in the power of prayer. For prayer is the secret password that moves heaven to great lengths to protect the chosen ones. I pray too that your kindness will flow towards him.

                                                                     My Ode to Dennis Ole Omondi

I look to the skies, tears blurry in my eyes
My heart broken into a thousand pieces, lying on the floor
Of the mud house in the village…
My soul on its knees, supplicating to the heavens
Facing the great throne room of our Lord
Pleading to Him for you…
My Spirit is angry at what the world has become
But hope for who we are as Kenyans
For our kindness and mercy is what unites us when we face the dealings of life…
Alone you are
Sick you feel…
Broken and worried you have become
And hope seems to be ebbing away every day as debts and worry pile up….
Remember what Job of the bible went through
Remember the bones of Ezekiel…
Remember the water from the stone
Remember Lazarus
Let your hope be renewed not in what we can do for you as people of Kenya and citizens of the world
But for what He can do for you…and your family and your futures
And I know these are mere words in today’s world
But from my mouth to the ears of God I pray and hope that
His Holy Spirit will touch you and restore you…
Pray when it’s most difficult to pray.


If you are touched to help, please send your contribution here (insert the numbers).

I humbly request you to also share this blog post to as many contacts as possible and as you can. This will also be of great help to Dennis. When you share, please use this hashtag #IStandWithDennis


  1. Dennis has raised 1.7 Million shillings so far

  2. Dennis has spent 1.8 Million shillings so far

  3. Dennis needs 6.7 million shillings to clear pending bills and have full surgery.

I pray that God blesses you a thousandfold. May His mercy be your cover during the day. May His favor be your providence. May His Love be your portion and may His angels watch over you always.





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Steve Biko is the CEO OF Soko Directory and the founder of Hidalgo Group of Companies. Steve is currently developing his career in law, finance, entrepreneurship and digital consultancy; and has been implementing consultancy assignments for client organizations comprising of trainings besides capacity building in entrepreneurial matters.He can be reached on: +254 20 510 1124 or Email:

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