BIDCO Africa Appreciates Life by Giving Back to Society

By / August 19, 2015


There is nothing as good as giving back to the society. One’s wealth is measured by the size of their heart. A big heart that gives back to the society is a heart that is worth recognizing and worth appreciating.

BIDCO Africa knows that the foundation of its growth is the society. They clearly know that the success story of the company is written because of society and therefore, the company is always committed to giving back to the society through Social Corporate Responsibility.

BIDCO has chosen to be part and parcel of several projects that lend a hand to vibrant and promising young generation as well as enhancing growth in the business.

The company knows that education is the backbone of Kenya’s economy and a foundation for future leaders and that is why, in 2013, BIDCO took the initiative to sponsor ten brilliant girls from poor backgrounds and funded their education at Starehe Girls Centre so that they could realize their dreams.

BIDCO believes and knows that productivity is what will determine the future of the economy of Kenya. This is the reason BIDCO takes great measures in educating farmers on how to maximize their crop production while still placing immense emphasis on eco-friendliness. At the moment, there are over 30,000 farmers in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda that are registered with BIDCO Africa over and above boosting the spirit of agribusiness in the region, the company also educates and trains farmers on modern methods and techniques that help them enhance productivity.

There is no one who hates happy living and that includes living a healthy life and this is why BIDCO has formed a peer educators group known as BIDCO Peer Educators Group that was developed to guide employees as well as the community at large to lead happy, comfortable and healthy lives. There are also numerous community outreach activities and wellness programs. The peer education is conducted on a regular basis.

In the year 2010, BIDCO founded a not-for-profit institution that is tailored in enhancing competition and growth in the African Private Sector through entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is the future of Africa and, therefore, there is need to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and that is what BIDCO is committed to.

We were all not born the same. There are those who have and those who do not have. BIDCO, for over a decade now has been supporting five children’s homes with their products and greatly helping cut on upkeep costs. Just recently, BIDCO contributed its products to 30 homes in Thika all in an effort to make sure that everyone in society is comfortable.

BIDCO Africa knows how to help people, especially the young, to utilize their talents especially in sporting. BIDCO has a house football club that is currently working hard towards playing in the national leagues.