Meet the Revolutionary Scania Fleet Management System

By / August 18, 2015


All the trucks and buses that will be delivered in Kenya starting from June 2015 by Scania East Africa will come standard with the Scania Fleet Management system that will offer customers the possibility to monitor, analyze and control their fleet through a number of customized services all aimed at maximized up-time and enhance safety for Scania’s clients.

Scania East Africa wants to help its customers’ business become more efficient in terms of connectivity through the introduction of these services. Customers will be connected to each and every vehicle within their fleet.

According to the Director of Pre-Sales at Scania East Africa, Karim Radstrom, the haulers can run a smarter and efficient transport operation with improved cost control. Radstrom said that the system will be used for improving Scania East Africa internally to help them serve their clients better by making it possible for Scania East Africa to diagnose faulty trucks and buses remotely and in the process. That way in case of a breakdown, Scania will bring along the correct tools and spare parts before attending to the breakdown. This will help Scania East Africa’s customers by ensuring minimum inconvenience to their operations.

At the center of this system is the Scania Communicator which works the same way a black box in an aircraft does.

The system transmits data concerning the vehicle and the driver’s performance. This data includes physical position of the truck, information on fuel consumption, data concerning the driver, detailed reports on trips as well as reports on maintenance planning and emissions, all this information is conveyed back to Scania East Africa’s offices for analysis on Scania’s fleet management web portal.

Another key element of this system is that the information concerning fuel consumption of the vehicle, the performance of the vehicle itself and the driver’s performance is provided in an easy-to-understand format that enables vehicle operators to see where improvements can be made to operations if possible.

The entire fleet management system is developed in-house and is designed in an easy-to-use way for any operator. In the case where an operator is stuck, there’s an online guide that provides assistance for him or her.

Scania Fleet Management comes in two packages as shown below,

Monitoring Package

This is free of charge and with it, operators get a weekly report sent to their email addresses. This report sent to the operator’s email comes in a PDF document compiling data on the fleet.

According to Radstrom, customers of Scania East Africa will receive basic operational data such as coasting, idling, speeding, heavy braking, fuel consumption and the carbon footprint per vehicle and for the fleet in its entirety from this monitoring package.

Control Package

This package has all of the features and characteristics of the Monitoring Package and in addition, it also offers a location service. With this package, operators will be able to look at a map and see exactly where all their vehicles are and how they are running. They also get a comprehensive real-time report per vehicle.

A transport log can also be produced for vehicles, which generates historical information. Zone alarms can be set and if a vehicle enters or leaves the zone, an alarm will sound.

The Scania Fleet Management System will initially be available in Kenya, followed by Uganda and Tanzania.

“Right now, we want to help our customers become more profitable – and this system will achieve just that. At the very least, it will make the drivers more efficient – and we all know the impact of drivers on the bottom line,” said Radstrom.

On Thursday 20th August, Scania East Africa will be launching Scania Optimize, the P410 LA6x2 HSA red truck, pimped with griffin and chrome, at the Carnivore grounds.

P410 LA6x2 HSA Scania Optimize truck
The P410 LA6x2 HSA Scania Optimize truck, pimped with griffin and chrome which will be launched at the Carnivore grounds on 20th August.