Dear Entrepreneur, Do You Have a Team or Mob?

By Juma Fred / November 18, 2017

Why the rich keep getting richer, they create wealth

There is a difference between a team and a mob. Sometimes you might think that you have a team when, in real sense, you have a mob. So, what is the difference between a team and a mob?

Let me begin with giving you a snippet of what a mob is. A mob is like a headless chicken. It lacks direction and plan. With a mob, every direction takes it to a destination because it does not always know where it is going.

A mob may or may not have a leader. It is easy to identify members of a mob. First, they are disorganized. Second, they do not follow instructions because to them, laws were meant to be broken. Third, they never honor deadlines because they don’t exist in the essence of time.

A mob entertains mediocrity because to them, mediocrity is a state that should be embraced. Members of the mob would rather be praised and their wrongs overlooked than them being corrected and told what is true.

How do you know that you are running with or among a mob? These are some of the characteristics:

1. They are disorganized

2. They are indiscipline

3. They don’t follow instructions

4. They don’t have goals

5. They don’t have a sense of time

A team, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of the mob. A team is organized, follows instructions, ready to be corrected and always, respects. A team knows that killing time is not murdering time but committing suicide. A team has a sense of direction and they know exactly what should be done.

However, it is possible to have members of the mob within a team. In most cases, the ideals of the team often overshadows the characters of some mob elements within the team. It is good, having identified members of the mob within a team to force them to shape within the team. If not, with time, they may end up poisoning the whole team.

How do you know that you have a team? Here are some indicators:

1. A team is discipline

2. A team follows instructions

3. A team is a timekeeper

4. A team works unsupervised

Something important to note is it is also possible to have a team in a person and to have a mob in a person.

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