US President Donald Trump Lifts Ban on Ivory Trophies

By David Indeje / November 18, 2017

Donald Trump Lifts Ban on Ivory Trophies

US President Donald Trump has suspended the import of elephant hunting trophies, only a day after a ban was relaxed by his administration.



Imports of trophies from elephants legally hunted in Zambia and Zimbabwe had been set to resume, reversing a 2014 Obama-era ban.


Rwanda Announces Global Visa-Free Regime

Rwanda has announced a global visa free entry for travelers from everywhere in the world starting January 1, 2018.

A communique released by the Directorate of Immigration and Emigration said in part “30 days visa upon arrival – Citizens of all countries to get visa upon arrival without prior approval, starting 01 January 2018. Before that, only African countries and few others were getting visa upon arrival.”

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