A Look at Telkom Kenya’s Bulk SMS Product

By Juma Fred / November 14, 2017

Kenyans love to chat. Every time you see a Kenyan with a phone, he or she is either making a call or texting. There are two ways that Kenyans use to text each other; the use of SMS or WhatsApp with WhatsApp gaining prominence with each passing day.

In the wake of satisfying my curiosity of what makes Kenyans tick in texting, I wanted to find out on the SMS offers on the market. One product from Telkom Kenya caught my attention; the Bulk SMS product.

Telkom Bulk SMS is a platform that has been designed for sending multiple SMS to multiple phones faster and easier with support alphanumeric, usage alerts, instant delivery, and self-operation. Flexible SMS bundle and no access fees or hidden setup costs as the main advantages.

The Bulk SMS product is a prepaid payment plan at any nearest Telkom shop with SMS Reseller, Institutions such as government, churches, educational and financial and businesses being eligible to subscribe.

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To get the service, one has to apply on the website, download, and sign and return the contract, one will then receive a confirmation email with login details. After that, one will then be required to place an order and the invoice will be received via email. Once the invoice is received, one will be required to make payments at Telkom bank accounts as per the details on the invoice after which an email with the portal link will be received. The last three steps include loading the group of recipients, start creating and sending SMS and view reports.

The smallest package under this program is 1000 SMSs with every SMS including 160 characters.

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So, if you are looking for a platform to help you send out multiple SMS to multiple recipients, Telkom Bulk SMS product is fit for you.

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