An Online Vehicle Insurance Cover Launched for Taxi Owners and Operators

By Vera Shawiza / February 8, 2018

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An online vehicle insurance has been launched for Kenyan Taxi owners and operators by Insure Afrika and Resolution Insurance.

The Insurance service dubbed ‘The next Taxi Insurance’ will provide faster, seamless and convenient way of buying an insurance covers using mobile devices.

According to Insure Afrika Chief Executive Gagan Hayer, the firm has been piloting the online service for the last three months adding that they have bought insurance closer to the customers.

“With Just a few clicks, taxi owners and drivers will be able to finish up with their insurance purchase or renewal within a matter of minutes. This new product will change how insurance works by bringing in the aspect of digitized insurance solutions that increase efficiency for the driver and owners while making the insurance processes more seamless and paperless for all parties involved,” said Hayer.

Hayer further noted that that the NEXT Taxi platform generates a tailor-made quotation based on the profile of drivers with payments made through mobile money or credit card while their insurance sticker is delivered to the customer’s desired location.

Resolution Insurance Company said that the product will deepen uptake of its motor vehicle insurance offering and consequently drive up its margins, as well as minimize operating costs at a time when competition in the industry is increasingly steeper.

To access the product, car owners will be required to log on to the platform and provide profile details of the driver.

The platform then generates a quotation based on this profile details and car specifications provided by the client after which payment can be made via mobile money or plastic card while their insurance sticker will be delivered to the desired location.

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