The Top 20 Most Watched Videos in Kenya in The Year 2019

By Wilkister Alao / Published December 10, 2019 | 6:45 am

We are always making memories, whether sad, happy or funny. This year was no different. We have come up with a list of videos in 2019 that took Kenyans to YouTube, Facebook Instagram, and Twitter to catch up with what was happening in the country.

The following are the videos Kenyans viewed most in the year 2019:

  1. The Ineos Challenge

Eliud Kipchoge’s sub two hour Marathon was one of Kenya’s most viewed videos in 2019 on YouTube this year. It is one of the videos that showed Kenyans patriotism at its best as all Kenyans, as well as the whole world, were glued to their screen to watch the historic event live.

In Nandi and Uasin Gishu Counties, from where Eliud hails, crowds of people were gathered to watch the son of the soil break his own record.

That was such a proud moment for Kenya. Even after the event, the video continued to be watched.

  1. Ethiopia Plane Crash

The Ethiopian Airlines B737 Max crash that happened just six minutes after takeoff from Addis Ababa was another video that got most views in Kenya.

The plane a Boeing 737 MAX 8, which was headed to Nairobi, lost contact with air traffic controllers and crashed, killing all the 157 people on board, among them 32 Kenyans.

  1. AFC Leopard Fan Annet Kabereka

Towards the end of September, most Kenyans went online to watch a sad video of a 22-year-old AFC leopard’s fan Annet, who was on a motorcycle (bodaboda) when a matatu which was allegedly on high speed hit her.

The saddest bit was that Kenyans who witnessed the accident, instead of helping her get to hospital, decided to take a video of the evidently injured girl begging for help, some saying that it served her right if she was drunk.

She died begging onlookers to take her to hospital.

  1. Likoni Ferry Accident

The 29th September Likoni tragedy was one of the saddest news ever received this year as Mariam Kighenda and her four year old daughter Amanda Mutheu died in the Indian Ocean after their car plunged into it.

The news got Kenyans to view a video of a car sinking in the Indian Ocean with a local diver trying to go save the situation but could not make it as the car sank completely before he could get it.

  1. Kijana Fupi Nono Round

The famous phrase that was coined by West Pokot Governor John Kropp Lonyangapuo in March as he made fun of a former MCA aspirant that got everyone’s ribs, including President Uhuru’s, cracking.

Governor Lonyangapuo is known for making hilarious speeches and this, ‘Kijana fupi, amenona, round; huwezi jua tumbo ni wapi na mgongo ni wapi… Hana kazi, hana kazi’, seemed to be the funniest of them all, much as he said that in response to the war he had with the said ‘Mulmulwas’.

Trust Kenyans to make light moments out of all situations, days later, a song titled Kijana fupi round was released.

  1. Sonko Arrested Dramatically

The controversial Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko was arrested in Voi as he was on transit via the SGR shortly after DPP Noordin Haji ordered for his arrest of Friday, 6th December 2019.

The governor had been accused of graft, and being one of the most vocal politicians, Kenyans couldn’t help re-watching the governor being humiliated and screaming while being handcuffed.

Kenyans even made a remix of Sonko’s misfortune just hours after it happened.

  1. Sonko Reveals Ken Okoth Had Wife And Son

Still on Governor Sonko. During the Late Kibra MP Ken Okoth’s Funeral service, Sonko spilled the beans telling the whole public that the late MP had another Wife and son aside from his official white wife Monica.

His revelation was received differently by members of the public, even sparking conversation on various radio stations on whether he was wise to say reveal such things about the deceased before his wife, mother, family and the country.

A joke went round about friends like Sonko who are not loyal are dangerous to have as they will reveal your secrets at your funeral.

  1. Passaris Walk Out On Sonko

During this year’s Madaraka Day celebrations Governor Sonko took to the podium and in his speech, he seemed to be targeting Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris.

The Governor went on to bash Passaris telling her to stop complaining about phone calls that were not received because he (Sonko) is not her (Passaris’) husband. It was at this point that Hon. Passaris walked out of the celebrations even as Sonko’s supporters jeered and heckled her.

  1. Leaked Phone Conversation Between Sonko And Passaris

Just a day after Passaris walked out on Sonko during the MAdaraka day celebrations, as if the embarrassment was not enough, Sonko leaked a phone conversation he allegedly had with Passaris.

In the video, Sonko records himself talking to a woman on phone, who wants his financial help, and when he finally helps her, the woman, who he said was Passaris, said she was grateful and would continue loving him more. To which Sonko responded by telling her not to love him because he didn’t need a lover as he had a wife, though he would continue helping her.

  1. Vijana Tuwache Mihadarati

Stivo Simple Boy is the newest celebrity in town. His song ‘Mihadarati’ brought him to the limelight. Stivo is also a ‘mjengo guy’, a job he says still puts food on his table.

He hails from Kibera, and after his Mihadarati song got airplay, it was used on memes making him famous. He has since released other songs, uhalifu si nzuri, I lift you higher, among others.

  1. Natalie Tewa And Rnaze Nasty Break Up

A video of Kenyan Vlogger Natalie Tewa and her Ugandan boyfriend’s nasty break up broke the internet and these are some of the things Kenyans love watching.

The two had made their relationship too public and when they broke up, on allegations that Natalie had cheated, the whole drama was captured on video and posted online.

  1. Barak Jacuzzi And Kairetu Fight

A video of American rapper Barak Jacuzzi and his girlfriend Lishan, popularly known as Kairetu went viral after they had an ugly fight.

Kairetu confronted Barak, confessing that she has been pregnant for him thrice, yet the rapper denied knowing her.

In the video, the two are separated from their physical nasty fight by an unidentified man.

  1. Boni Khalwale

The former Kakamega Senator was one ridiculed man during the Kibra By-elections. He was campaigning for footballer Mariga and on that day he went to Kibra to witness the process.

Unluckily for him, custodians of the famous ‘bedroom ya baba’ attacked him throwing stones at him. The least Boni khalwale could do was to pick up stones and throw them back at his tormentors before running away to hide for safety.

  1. Pastor Ng’ang’a

The hilarious Apostle James Ng’ang’a, of Neno Evangelism once again made it to the list of top trends this year for all the wrong reasons.

His most infamous video was one where he was hurling insults at his bishops for disrespecting his wife. That is where the famous ‘taka taka’ and ‘matuta’ came from.

In other trending videos, Ng’ang’a humiliates a woman who comes to his church wearing old rubber shoes; in another, the pastor is praying for a possessed Rose Muhando; and in one of the latest, he prays for a woman who claims she is the devil from Gatundu.

  1. ‘Twa Twa’

Twa twa is the newest craze in Kenya after a video of Pastor Susan Munene of Overcomers Hope Ministries advising couples on the importance of having time together went viral.

The pastor was speaking at a married couple’s conference, where she was telling them that lack of sex in marriage is the reason there are many broken marriages today. She used the term ‘twa twa twa’ to refer to ‘the divine game’ or sex, if you like.

After her remarks, GIFs, memes, and remixes have been created, courtesy of Pastor Susan Munene, who has now earned herself a new name, ‘Pastor Twa Twa’.

  1. Mbiginji Imekulwa Na Ndogi

A child with a heavy Meru accent was recorded on camera and immediately became an internet sensation.

In the video, the child is asked to repeat the sentence ‘Big G imekulwa na ndogi’, which, because of his heavy Meru accent, he pronounces as ‘Mbinginji imekulwa na ndogi’.

Soon after the video is posted online, someone remixes the words in Meru accent to a song.

  1. Eastmatt Assault

A video of a male supervisor of Eastmatt Supermarket in Kitengela beating a woman teller mercilessly got Kenyans watching and discussing the place of women in the career world.

Given that the incident happened during the 16 days of activism, where the world sought to end gender-based violence, the video got to be watched by many Kenyans, who demanded that the man be charged, sacked and blacklisted for disrespecting the woman.

  1. ‘Taaaaaanight’ by Joseph Ndegwa

Joseph Ngari Ndegwa, a talented boy from Narok was recorded imitating his role model, the renown TV anchor Jeff Koinange.

His famous Taaanight video went viral and got to Jeff Koinange, who in turn invited him as a guest in the famous JKL show.

  1. Lato

Popular comedian Eric Omondi’s creative advert on Lato milk lit up the internet. In the advert, Eric has a Congolese family where they advertise the milk using a Lingala-sounding song.

There are several other adverts on Lato milk by the same comedian but the first one seems to be everyone’s all-time favorite.

  1. The Threesome Challenge

Three boys from Marigat Baringo, became the talk of the town after they were filmed entertaining guests at a school.

It is their dancing style that amused everyone, as they curve their backs and move their heads. The challenge was so irresistible that Citizen TV’s Jeff Koinange, Victoria rubadiri and Bernard Ndong’ had to try it on air.

Jeff Koinange has since opened a paybill to help the awesome trio who come from poor families.

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