InsureAfrika Is Disrupting the Insurance Sector in Kenya

By / August 18, 2015


Life can be very boring and dull sometimes and sure enough, no one would like to have such a life where boredom rules. Imagine how life would be without excitement? Boring, bland, tasteless. An interesting life needs a disruption, a game changer, something that will make life a little more exciting.

The insurance industry in Kenya has been very dull and very boring for a very long time and this has been attributed to numerous factors that have never been addressed. Insurance providers in Kenya have been like people who are busy winking at a beautiful girl in total darkness expecting her to wink back.

Kenyans have very minimal information concerning insurance covers being offered in the country and this is on the insurance providers due to lack of research into the best and most convenient platform to market their products and make their services known to their target customers who are more likely to buy their products.

The language most insurance providers use to communicate with their clients is also very boring. Majority use terms that are strange and unfamiliar to their customers and they actually end up looking like people speaking in a foreign and complicated language.

Being an insurance service provider in Kenya is also not an adventurous venture especially when you are just starting. This is majorly because of the general lack of saving culture among Kenyans and low disposable incomes for the majority of the Kenyan population especially with close to 50 percent of the total population struggling to make both ends meet below the poverty line.  Additionally, there are inadequate tax incentives that could encourage the Kenyan middle class to purchase the insurance products that are available.

It has been a characteristic of the Kenyan insurance sector for many years that after subscribing to their services and you want to claim your payments, you will be taken around in circles until you decide to throw in and forget about the claim altogether. You will be told to visit different types of offices with little fruits coming your way and woe unto you if you own only one pair of shoes because the sole will wear out before you are paid your claims.

Insurance providers have largely contributed to the boredom in the industry what with their total failure to do extensive market research that is detailed on how to understand and satisfy the needs of their customers.

Luckily the bland insurance sphere is now becoming something of the past with the new disruptor that has just entered the market and is keeping things rolling. Yes, there is a new game changer in the insurance market who is out to make sure that the insurance sector is an exciting field once more. As you may have guessed, I’m talking about InsureAfrika.

InsureAfrika is an online platform that has brought excitement that has been long awaited in the insurance industry in Kenya for this is the only platform that provides a convenient online platform that enables insurance consumers to compare numerous insurance quotes and most importantly, request the best and most affordable quotes for the clients from leading insurance providers in Kenya. I couldn’t believe it either.

This is a library that is well endowed with well thought and sharply written articles that make it easy for the consumers as well as insurance providers to understand the need for insurance as well as knowing exactly how insurance system in Kenya works and most importantly, InsureAfrika is out to make sure that buying and selling insurance in Kenya is a seamless and transparent process.

InsureAfrika knows that there is a gap in providing adequate information from Insurance providers to their customers and this is why the platform comes with well written and detailed articles that have been sourced from experts who have a wide experience in the insurance sector that are aimed at educating insurance consumers on the numerous insurance products that are currently available on the market, providing them with the best insurance providers in the country and the best way to enjoy an insurance cover.

Has your insurance company not been bringing in the sales that you were hoping for? There is no need to worry because InsureAfrika gives you an opportunity to sell your insurances online by providing you, as an insurance provider, with the most important information about your customers like their positions, their contacts and what they need.

Are you an insurance provider and have been countlessly locked out of direct engagement with your customers? Relax. InsureAfrika is all you need to see this happen. With the InsureAfrika platform, insurance providers will be in a position to engage directly with their consumers, understand their needs and wants as well as improve their products as per the markets prevailing situation.