Kenyans sent over 202,483 tweets on Oct 26 compared to Aug 8. -Nendo

By David Indeje / October 30, 2017

Be warned, Free Wi-Fi can be a costly business for users

Kenyans sent out 202,483 more tweets during the repeat presidential elections compared to those sent out on Aug 8. according to Nendo, a digital strategy, and research agency.

“Specifically, a total of 835,733 tweets on 26/10 and 633,250 tweets on 8/8. An increase of 202,483. This is a 24-hour cycle and a preliminary report but more global and local eyes were on Kenya for the 26th,” stated the Nendo team in their weekly brief.

Nendo Kenya election Tweets

However, the Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law (CIPIT) reported that “On the eve of the fresh presidential elections in Kenya, Internet users reported slow Internet speeds while accessing social media and streaming platforms.”

They attributed this to more subscribers coming online.

According to Mark Kaigwa, Nendo’s Founder, based on the country’s smartphone penetration and broadband subscribers, Whatsapp leads among the popular social media platforms among Kenyans.

Kenya has an estimated 12 million Whatsapp users, 8 million on Youtube, 7.1 million on Facebook with 90 percent monthly active users, 4 million on Instagram (but could be higher), between 1.8-2 million on Linkedin and 1 million monthly (KOT) users on Twitter.

On the other hand, a study on September 1 by Sochin Limited analysed 18 bloggers affiliated with the Jubilee Party and 19 NASA affiliated ones who are prominent in the Twittersphere.

According to the findings, Jubilee affiliated bloggers are kings of reposting content: for each original post, they had four reposts. NASA affiliated bloggers have a much lower ratio of two-and-a-half times.

The second level of analysis is the amount of noise these influencers are producing on Twitter. Not only are NASA affiliated bloggers tweeting more often, but they also have a larger follower base. This results in higher figures for both impressions and reach.

Sochin AgencyThe latest data from the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) Telecommunications Sector statistics for the fourth quarter of the financial year 2016/17 ended in June 2017 estimates:

Mobile subscriptions increased by 0.6 mn new subscriptions, representing a 1.4 percent y/y growth to 40.3 mn subscriptions, from 39.7 mn registered in Q4’2016. However, mobile penetration declined marginally by 1.3 percent points to 88.7 percent from 90.0 percent registered in Q4’2016. This is attributed to the review of the base population upwards to 45.4 mn from 44.2 mn as per the Economic Survey 2017.

Internet subscriptions recorded a 10.5 percent growth to 29.6 mn subscribers from 26.8 mn registered in Q4’2016. The growth was driven by a 15.3 percent increase in mobile data subscriptions to 29.4 mn at the end of the quarter, which accounted for approximately 99.0 percent of the total subscriptions. The increase of mobile data subscriptions could be attributed to a sustained decline in the price of smartphones costs as well the widespread availability of the handsets. Internet penetration increased by 4.0 percent points to 64.8 percent from 60.8 percent recorded in Q4’2016.

The number of internet broadband subscriptions increased by 42.6 percent to 15.4 mn from 10.8 mn recorded in Q4’2016. On a quarterly basis, the internet broadband subscriptions grew by 12.4 percent from 13.7 mn recorded previous quarter; this is attributed to the affordability of smartphones in the country as well as affordable internet bundles offered by various internet service operators. The broadband penetration closed at 34.2 percent, up from 24.6 percent recorded in Q4’2016.(internet broadband subscriptions include those subscriptions to homes and offices, while internet subscriptions refer to those offered by mobile operators).

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