Issues Steve Biko Wafula Would Like To Meet And Present To The President Of Kenya Before Demos Are Called

By Soko Directory Team / Published April 23, 2021 | 3:23 pm


A liter of Super Petrol in Kenya is going for 122.81 shillings. The same in Uganda is going for 116.22 shillings. The price is lowest in Tanzania at 93.67 shillings.

Diesel in Kenya is 107.66 shillings, in Uganda at 109.35 shillings, and Tanzania still the cheapest at 90.36 shillings.

Dear Mr. President,

I don’t know if you will get time to read this. I have no idea if you usually read even. I remember you stopped reading newspapers and left them for watu wa kufunga nyama. Anyway, I hope you have people within your team who can read this on your behalf.

Leadership is about ensuring that the people you are leading are in a better place than when you found them. Leadership is about constantly listening and solving the issues that your people face. It’s about encouraging them when things are bad and being empathic when solutions are hard to come by. Leadership is taking care of the weak, the voiceless, and the sick. It’s about protecting the resources of the public. It’s about ensuring that there is maximum benefit for the public from their taxes.

I have struggled to understand your leadership. I have struggled to understand what happened to all the goodwill and support you had. I stay up at night wondering how Kenya would be if you had pushed us forward as you had promised in your campaigns. I wonder how far my businesses would.

Mr. President, as you sit in the House on the Hill, enjoying the fresh air, sometimes driving around in top-of-the-range cars, flagged with furiously-looking guards, those who employed you are literally dying. Your knee is on our necks and they literally cannot breathe.

Mr. President, We elected you to serve us, NOT lord over us. To make our lives better and easier. Instead, you and your government seem to have misinterpreted the gesture to mean Kenyans wanted to suffer. You have doubled our burden. You have government officials who have put their personal interests first. Making policy decisions that tear the country apart in the name of development and you have turned a deaf ear to our cries and pleas.

Mr. President, you may not be aware, and people around you might not have told you because they are blinded by their personal interests and the need to sort themselves before the end of your term, but the common man on the ground is sick, broke, hungry, jobless and tired. You see them clapping and smiling at you because they are commanded by the bible to respect their leaders and you think they are happy but they are tired and they are ready for anything and this is what is very scary.

I am a nobody in the grand scheme of things of Kenya. Even in my own family, I am ignored because I have no money to give out at parties, so I remain that uncle who shares funny memes to remain relevant. But I believe if you sitting on that throne as the President, then God saw something in you and elevated you. Why we are where we are, only you and God know. I am where I am because of God’s mercy and I thought I would seek the support of the public to reach out to you, to tell you what we going through, to let you know of our pain in detail because we have lost faith and trust in your handlers and hope that you will listen and do something like King Solomon of the Bible.

Here are some of the issues that are really troubling Kenya and I wish and hope that you have a look at them; that is if you care at all and address them. I would like an audience with you to present them to you and address you as the country watches because I believe in accountability when public trust is bestowed upon someone.

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  1. Who listens to you, Mr. President?

This question might sound like a joke, but, really, who listens to you within your government? People are calling you a lame President who only breathes hot air, goes ballistic and nobody around you listens. You have been issuing orders that nobody follows. You ordered, on a national Television that an inquiry into the KEMSA scandal be done in 21 days. How many days have passed Mr. President? or we forget about that and deal with “matters of national importance”?

Solution; We need all COVID-19 millionaires and billionaires arrested, their assets frozen and the public money returned. We need that money used to buy vaccines for all of us. This is your primary duty to us, as our president. We need accountability and trustworthy results.

  1. The National Debt

Madeni. Debts. Kenya is thriving on the wheels of debts. Your government has borrowed from everyone around the world. The national debt is roughly at 7 trillion shillings. The IMF puts it at 10.5 trillion shillings and (we believe the IMF because they are your biggest lenders.). But we have nothing to show for the massive loans taken. It is like you are taking loans for your friends and families. You borrow, they loot, Kenyans pay. We are tired Mr. President. Tired.

Solution; You know the thieves, they work for you. They are your ministers and political supporters. We want them arrested. We want them prosecuted. You have a God-given duty to do what is right by us as the people of Kenya. We don’t want threats. We want to see heads rolling, whether they are your pals or family.

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  1. The SGR Contract

You gave us the SGR. Yes. We agree even though it was the project of one Emilio Stanley Mwai Kibaki. But up to date, we do not know what is contained in that contract and whether our country was offered as security. We only hear that the Port of Mombasa might be going to the Chinese soon. You have neither denied nor confirmed that. You promised, again on a national television, that you would make the contract available to us, Kenyans. Lakini wapi. Where is the contract?

Solution; Provide the contract for public scrutiny, arrest all NLC former officials who took part in the land compensation, and have that money returned. Streamline the running of the SGR and make its business competitive without killing any other part of the economy to support it or using government agencies to push it forward at the detriment of everyone else.

  1. Unfulfilled promises

I cannot even start listing the promises you and your government made to Kenyans Mr. President. They are too many. Your Deputy President William Ruto cannot run away from this. He was actually your mouthpiece. Let me ask; where are the stadiums? Where are the laptops? Where are the factories? Where are the jobs you promised? Where is the support for businesses especially SMEs? Where is the fight against corruption?

Solution; My focus is the unstable unemployment rate that might sink this country. To resolve this, you need to stop everything else you are doing, including BBI and focusing on the manufacturing sector, and do what must be done to get that sector working. It’s the only sector that needs to work for agriculture and the rest to follow suit. BBI won’t help us if the economy is dead. Your legacy should focus on this. Establish 47 multi-billion factories, one in each county to set us off and this can be done in under one year.

  1. Recycling the old and expired human beings

You called your government the “digital government.” You said it is the government of the youth. And the gullible youth voted for you en masse. But you have converted it into a retirement home for old fogies. You have a great liking for old men and women who have either retired or are too lazy to work and deliver. Some are too tired to even play with their grandchildren, like Uncle Moody Awori, but noo, to you, the man from Samia is too young to be left in peace. Why do you hate the youth so much?

Solution; In our forefather’s culture, warriors of a community were picked from the strongest and the ability of the community, not the most corrupt or the eldest. If you need Kenya to move in the direction you keep telling us, please reshuffle your cabinet, remove all the CAS and appoint people who will work solely for Kenyans and for you. In fact, the High Court ruled that your cabinet is illegal. This gives you the perfect opportunity to resolve this for us and help us move forward.

  1. The Curfew

Now, this is a thorny issue. Why is the curfew in place, Mr. President? Of course, you will say it is to fight Covid-19. But what is the relationship between the curfew and Covid-19? Did the “experts” tell you that the Kenyan variant of Covid-19 sleeps during the day and goes to work exactly at 8 pm? Do you watch TV? Of course not. Kenyans are suffering. They cannot get to their houses on time and when they get a vehicle to ferry them, the curfew sets in, and the boys in blue descend on them by clobbering their skulls. Do you think the curfew is helping Kenyans?

Solution; Arrest all the corrupt government officials, use that money to buy vaccines, and vaccinate everyone. Go to town in the evening incognito and see how we are suffering. It’s a shame your officials keep lying to you about the true picture of what is exactly happening. Remove the curfew or push it to 11 PM.

  1. Cessation of movement

Mr. President, you declared the five counties of Nairobi, Nakuru, Machakos, Kajiado, and Kiambu as “disease-infested-counties.” Your experts told you so. Of course. Then you imposed a cessation of movement in and out of this “disease-infested-counties.” But, Mr. President, did you know that if you shut down Nairobi, you have shut down the whole country? Did you know that if you shut down Nakuru, the whole of Western is as good as shut down? Did you know that if you shut down Kiambu, the whole of central, your backyard, is as good as shut?

But Mr. President, do you know that the economy of Mombasa, for instance, relies on people from Nairobi and other counties? So, what is the point of preventing Kenyans from Kiambu, Nairobi, Kajiado, Nakuru, and Machakos from visiting Mombasa and still allow people from other countries to?

Solution; If these measures will stand, then let your government focus on vaccinating every single Kenyan and not harassing us. Either lock us down and ensure we are vaccinated or open the country and let us pray to God.

  1. Corruption

Kenya is a bandit economy. The looting of this country has been at its peak during your rule Mr. President. It is like everyone in your government is a thief. Talk of NYS 1, NYS 2, KEMSA, Arror and Kimwarer, Afya House Scandal, Eurobond, among others. Looting. Stealing. But has anyone ever been fired or arrested?

The people around you are thieves Mr. President and as Kenyans, we can see that. We can see that you are scared of them. That is why the more they steal, the more you reward them. That makes you an accomplice too. No? Tell us otherwise then. Can you imagine Jack Ma gave us masks and PPEs but they miraculously disappeared from the airport? How now? This is Kenya and you are the President.

The saddest thing is some of those looting this country are your relatives. Kenyans call them relathieves, which is true. When are you cracking the whip on these cartels that are holding you hostage? When? Tumechoka for sure.

Solution; As your legacy, arrest these thieves, line them up for public execution and we will make you our president for life. What do you want to be remembered for? We are tired of excuses. Deal with this now because it’s the biggest cancer that’s killing us more every day.

  1. Taxes

Stats from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics show that at least 450,000 SMEs die annually in Kenya. Mr. President, this means that at least 30,000 of them are shutting down monthly and 1,000 of them daily. With the Covid-19, the numbers are actually triple.

One of the main reasons why SMEs are shutting down is because of the punitive taxes imposed by your government. You are on record saying that the government of the day does not influence the success or the failure of a business. Really? Olisikia wapi? Mmmh? Mheshimiwa, olisikia wapi?

Kenyans, despite the pandemic, are paying Value Added Tax (TAX), Pay As You Earn (PAYE), Presumptive Tax, Digital Services Tax (DST), they are also supposed to pay Minimum Tax among others. Which business can survive with such taxes?

Solution; Reform the tax code. Suspend minimum tax indefinitely, actually, write it off. Pardon all defaulters for the 2020/2021 period. Enact a tax waiver for any Kenyan who has a factory for a period of 5 years for them to grow and create jobs. Also, remove all taxes on energy for commercial use to be able to spur the light industry aspect in the country. 

  1. Cost of business

The cost of doing business in Kenya is so high that many investors are opting for other neighboring countries. High taxes have a role to play in this. The culture of asking for kickbacks from investors is also costing this country great investment opportunities.

We have lost over 5 foreign firms to Ghana when they should have been investing here. Reform the aspect of setting up the business and emulate what Rwanda has done. I can’t believe I just used Rwanda as an example. Do you know Bungoma County is bigger than Rwanda?

Solution; Reform the process of setting up a business. Reduce the number of business permits. Reform KRA to a point where it can help nurture businesses, you know, fatten the cow before you slaughter it. Set up a single bank that will focus on the manufacturing sector alone. Remove all these other useless brands like the Youth Fund and all and create this single bank.

  1. The Price of Fuel

Mr. President, did you know that the price of fuel in Kenya is highest as compared to other countries such as Tanzania and Uganda?

A liter of Super Petrol in Kenya is going for 122.81 shillings. The same in Uganda is going for 116.22 shillings. The price is lowest in Tanzania at 93.67 shillings. Diesel in Kenya is 107.66 shillings, in Uganda at 109.35 shillings, and Tanzania still the cheapest at 90.36 shillings. Kerosene in Kenya is 97.85 shillings per liter, 98.50 shillings in Uganda, and 88.09 shillings in Tanzania.

Super Petrol lands in Kenya at 53.99 shillings per liter. Diesel arrives at the Port of Mombasa at 48.95 shillings per liter while Kerosene arrives in Kenya at 46.23 shillings per liter.

For every liter of Super Petrol, a Kenyan pays 3.29 shillings for storage and distribution costs, 7.95 shillings in margins, and a whopping 57.58 shillings in taxes, taking the price of a liter of Super Petrol to 122.81 shillings.

For every liter of Diesel that lands at the port of Mombasa at 48.95 shillings, Kenyans pay 3.03 shillings for distribution and storage, 10.08 shillings for margins, and 45.60 shillings in taxes and levies, taking the price of one liter to 107.66 shillings.

For every liter of Kerosene that lands at the Port of Mombasa at 46.23 shillings, Kenyans are paying 3 shillings for distribution and storage, 8.89 shillings for margins, and 39.73 shillings as taxes, taking the price to 97.85 shillings.

Why Mr. President? Why?

Solution; Reform the tax code in this sector and all will be well. Encourage more people to drive and move about and this will enable you to raise more taxes.

  1. Tribalism

Mr. President, there is no doubt that tribalism and nepotism have been in Kenya for years. But you have cultivated it further through state appointments.

Tribalism in Kenya is responsible for underdevelopment, corruption, the rigging of elections, and violence. It persists since it provides an avenue via which state goodies and favors trickle down from those in power to their tribesmen. Therefore, loyalty to a tribe is given ever greater relevance than loyalty to the country.

Solution; Make it a capital offense to speak mother tongue in a public office or public forum. Streamline the appointments of key offices to reflect the face of Kenya. This needs to be done as soon as you yesterday.

  1. Unemployment

Kenya’s unemployment rate has hit 43.5 percent according to an official from the National Employment Authority (NEA). The shocking statistics contradict all the other statistics that have been in the public domain for a long about the actual state of the unemployment rate in Kenya and you Mr. President know.

Stats show that 70 to 80 percent of Kenyan youth are without meaningful employment. This means that currently, 7 to 8 in 10 youths in Kenya have no job.

Most of the unemployed youth have what it takes in terms of academic qualifications from institutions of higher learning such as universities.

More than 40,000 people graduate from institutions of higher learning in Kenya annually. The Kenyan job market is already saturated with the absorption rate in the white-collar sector being less than 3 percent.

Where are the jobs, Mr. President? You promised.

Solution; Stop the BBI issue and focus on this. Focus on manufacturing, agriculture, and production. COVID-19 has made us realize that as a country, we need to be self-reliant. This should be your focus and not BBI. How do I discuss and promote BBI on an empty stomach and broke wallet?

  1. Poverty

Kenyans are poor. At least 20 million of them cannot afford to put food on the table. How can we be so poor yet you spending billions on infrastructure that does not make sense to more than 70% of us? Aren’t we your boss? Shouldn’t your agenda be to meet our immediate and urgent needs?

Solution; Sort corruption, redistribute national wealth equitably, enact the Ndungu report on land.

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