Creating Passive Income Through Britam Money Market And Bond Funds

By Soko Directory Team / Published September 14, 2023 | 2:08 pm

Britam Tower

In today’s ever-evolving financial landscape, the pursuit of passive income and long-term financial security has become a top priority for many individuals. Fortunately, there are effective avenues for achieving this goal, and two prominent options are money market and bond funds.

In this article, we will explore the world of passive income generation through investments and how Britam, a well-respected financial services provider in Kenya, offers accessible solutions in the form of money markets and bond funds.

Before we delve into the specifics of Britam’s investment offerings, it’s essential to understand the core concepts of money market and bond funds.

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Money market funds provide a secure and liquid platform for short-term investments, while bond funds cater to medium to long-term financial goals with the potential for higher returns. Both avenues can contribute significantly to building passive income streams.

Britam, with its sterling legacy in the financial industry, emerges as the trusted companion for those embarking on their passive income journey. The company boasts a cadre of seasoned financial advisors, user-friendly digital platforms, and innovative USSD options, catering to a diverse spectrum of investors.

What’s more, Britam’s current offer on bond funds is nothing short of enticing, featuring a lowered minimum investment period and a minimum investment requirement of just 1,000 shillings. This opens doors for investors across varying budgetary horizons.

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In this article, we will explore the world of passive income creation, with a particular focus on how Britain’s money market and bond funds can help you secure a more stable and prosperous financial future. Whether you’re new to investing or seeking to diversify your portfolio, Britam’s investment solutions offer a pathway to financial freedom.

Let’s embark on this journey towards financial independence and explore how you can create passive income through the money market and bond funds with Britam.

Understanding Passive Income

Passive income refers to earnings generated with minimal effort or active involvement once the initial investment is made. It is a crucial component of financial independence, allowing individuals to build wealth, achieve their financial goals, and enjoy a comfortable retirement.

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Unlike active income, which requires you to trade your time and skills for a paycheck, passive income allows your money to work for you. The ultimate measure of financial freedom is when your passive income surpasses your active income, providing you with greater financial security, flexibility, and peace of mind.

Passive income can be derived from various sources, such as dividends, rental income, royalties, and interest from investments like money market and bond funds.

Understanding Money Market and Bond Funds:

Before we leap into the investment horizon, let’s take a moment to understand the money market and bond funds:

  • Money Market Funds: Money market funds are designed for short-term investments. They offer liquidity, and safety, and typically provide competitive returns that outdo the rate of inflation. These funds invest in short-term securities such as treasury bills, bank deposits, and commercial papers.
  • Bond Funds: Bond funds are geared towards medium to long-term investment goals. They primarily invest in a diversified portfolio of bonds, which may include government or corporate. Bond funds offer the potential for higher returns compared to money market funds but may have slightly higher risk.

Why you should consider investing in Money Market and Bond Funds

Money Market Funds:

Money market funds are a popular choice for passive income seekers due to their safety, liquidity, and stability.

Here’s why you should consider investing in them:

  • Safety:

Money market funds primarily invest in short-term, low-risk securities like Treasury bills and bank deposits. This focus on safety ensures the protection of your principal investment.

  • Liquidity:

Money market funds provide high liquidity, allowing you to access your funds quickly when needed. This makes them suitable for short-term financial goals and emergencies.

  • Stability:

These funds aim to maintain a stable net asset value (NAV), typically one unit of currency. This stability minimizes the risk of losing money, making money market funds a dependable choice.

  • Regular Income:

Money market funds generate income through interest payments, which are usually distributed periodically. This income contributes to your passive income stream.

  • Bond Funds:

Bond funds are another valuable option for passive income generation, offering several advantages:

  • Fixed Income:

Bond funds primarily invest in a diversified portfolio of bonds. These bonds pay regular interest, providing a predictable source of passive income.

  • Diversification:

Bond funds spread risk across various bonds, reducing the impact of a default by any single issuer. This diversification enhances the safety of your investments.

  • Professional Management:

Bond funds are managed by experienced professionals who make strategic investment decisions to maximize returns while managing risk.

  • Daily Interest Compounding:

Bond funds often utilize daily interest compounding, which means that the interest you earn on your investment is reinvested daily. This compounding effect allows your investment to grow even faster over time. As your interest earnings generate additional income, your overall returns increase exponentially, making bond funds an attractive choice for long-term passive income.

  • Capital Preservation:

Bond funds are generally considered a lower-risk investment option compared to stocks. While there’s still some risk associated with bond funds, they are historically less volatile. The focus on fixed-income securities, coupled with diversification and professional management, helps mitigate the risk of losing your initial investment. This aspect makes bond funds a more secure choice for those looking to preserve their capital while generating passive income.

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A guide to investing in Money Market and Bond Funds

Investing in the money market and bond funds can be an excellent way to create passive income and work toward financial freedom.

However, with numerous fund managers in the market and a range of investment options available, it’s crucial to do your due diligence before diving into these investment avenues.

Before embarking on your investment journey in money market and bond funds, it’s crucial to consider key factors that will set the foundation for your financial success.

These factors will help ensure that you make well-informed investment decisions from the outset:

Choose a Reputable Fund Manager:

The first step in your investment journey is to identify a reputable fund manager. Fund managers are responsible for managing your investments and making strategic decisions on your behalf. Here’s what to look for:

  • Regulatory Compliance:

Ensure that the fund manager you choose is regulated by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) or the relevant regulatory body in your country. Regulatory oversight provides a layer of protection and ensures compliance with industry standards.

  • Track Record:

Evaluate the fund manager’s track record and performance history. Look for managers with a proven and consistent track record of investment management and delivering returns in line with your investment goals.

  • Transparency:

Transparency is crucial. Seek fund managers who provide clear information about their investment strategies, fees, and historical performance.

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Verify the Role of Trustees:

Trustees play a vital role in safeguarding your interests as an investor. They ensure that the fund manager adheres to the stated policies and guidelines for each fund. When considering an investment, verify the involvement of trustees and their commitment to protecting your investments.

Understand the Custodian’s Role:

Money market and bond fund managers are not banks and do not hold your funds directly. Instead, they work with custodian banks that safeguard your capital. Make sure to understand the custodian’s role, their reputation, and how they handle your investments. This separation of roles provides an added layer of security for your funds.

Investment Objectives and Risk Tolerance:

Before investing, assess your financial goals and risk tolerance. Different money markets and bond funds have varying investment objectives and levels of risk. Money market funds are typically low risk, while bond funds may carry a slightly higher risk. Choose funds that align with your financial objectives and risk tolerance.


Diversification is a fundamental principle of investing. Consider spreading your investments across multiple money markets and bond funds or even among different fund managers. Diversification helps reduce risk and ensures that your investments are not overly concentrated in one area.

Fees and Expenses:

Understand the fees associated with your chosen funds. Fund managers charge management fees and may have other expenses. While fees are a part of investing, make sure they are reasonable and aligned with the expected returns.

Historical Performance:

Examine the historical performance of the money market and bond funds you are interested in. Past performance can provide insights into how the fund has fared under various market conditions. However, remember that past performance is not indicative of future results.

Consultation with Financial Advisors:

If you’re unsure about your investment choices or risk tolerance, consider seeking advice from financial advisors. They can help you align your investments with your financial goals and provide insights into potential investment opportunities.

It is important to note that financial education and due diligence are key essentials when embarking on your investment journey.

Now that we’ve explored the world of passive income through money market and bond funds, it’s crucial to understand when and how to utilize these investment options effectively. Let’s delve into the scenarios that guide when you should consider a money market fund versus a bond fund, helping you make informed investment decisions tailored to your financial goals.

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When to Utilize a Money Market Fund:

  1. Emergency Fund:
    • Money market funds are an ideal choice for building an emergency fund. They offer liquidity, meaning you can access your funds quickly when unexpected expenses arise.
    • Maintain an emergency fund with enough funds to cover at least six months of living expenses to safeguard your financial well-being during unexpected financial setbacks.
  2. Short-Term Savings Goals:
    • Money market funds are suitable for short-term savings goals with a time horizon of a few months to a year.
    • Examples of short-term goals include saving for school fees, working capital for your business, planning a holiday, or covering upcoming life events like weddings or family gatherings.
  3. Sinking Funds:
    • Create sinking funds for anticipated expenses, such as loan repayments or property maintenance. These funds ensure you are financially prepared for expected costs.
    • Sinking funds provide peace of mind by allowing you to plan and set money aside for specific financial obligations.
  4. Reinvestment of Dividends and Coupons:
    • If you receive dividends from stocks or coupons from bonds, consider reinvesting these earnings in a money market fund to earn a return while you plan your next investment move.
    • This strategy allows you to keep your money working for you while you decide on long-term investment opportunities.

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When to Utilize a Bond Fund:

  • Medium-Term Financial Goals:
    • Bond funds are well-suited for medium-term financial goals with a time horizon of one to five years.
    • Examples include saving for a down payment on a car, funding a home renovation, or accumulating a deposit for a mortgage.
  • Project Funds:
    • Suppose you plan to acquire real estate or undertake a significant project like building your family home or commercial property within the next 1.5 to 2 years.
    • Bond funds can help you save deliberately for these projects, allowing your deposit to grow and cover associated expenses.
  • Retirement Planning:
    • Bond funds can be a valuable addition to your retirement planning strategy.
    • If you are approaching retirement and seek additional savings beyond your pension plan, consider regular contributions to a bond fund to build a supplementary retirement fund.
  • Security for Loans:
    • You can use your bond fund investments as security to secure financing from banks or lending institutions.
    • The interest earned from your bond fund can give you confidence in repaying your debt while keeping your capital growing.

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Universal Considerations for Both Money Market and Bond Funds:


Both money market and bond funds offer accessible entry points for investors. Money market funds typically require a minimum investment of 1,000 shillings, while bond funds may have a minimum of 5,000 shillings.

These affordable investment thresholds ensure these funds are within reach for a wide range of investors, regardless of their financial capacity.

By understanding these scenarios, you can harness the power of the money market and bond funds strategically, tailoring your investments to your financial aspirations and timelines

Harnessing the power of compound interest

Compound interest becomes a strategic ally when you choose to invest in the money market and bond funds. Top of Form

It is a force so potent that it earned the illustrious title of the “eighth wonder of the world” from none other than Albert Einstein himself. At its core, compound interest is a financial phenomenon that takes your money on a remarkable journey of multiplication. It’s not content with merely earning interest on your initial investment; it goes a step further by generating interest on the interest it accrues over time. The result? Your savings and investments experience a breathtaking ascent into the realm of exponential growth.

Investing Early for Maximum Impact:

To illustrate the profound impact of compound interest, let’s delve into the stories of three individuals, each embarking on an investment journey at different stages of life:

  1. The 25-Year-Old Investor:
  • Picture an individual who commences investing 5,000 shillings per month at an average rate of 9% p.a at the age of 25
  • Fast forward 20 years, and at the age of 45, their total savings will stand at an impressive 1.2 million shillings.
  • Yet, here’s the remarkable part – the interest earned on this sum will soar to an astonishing 2.1 million shillings.
  • The 2.1 million shillings represent their passive income, a testament to their money working diligently for them.
  1. The 30-Year-Old Investor:
  • Now, let’s shift our focus to an individual who embarks on the same investment journey but starts at age 30, investing 5,000 shillings per month.
  • Fast forward 15 years to age 45, and their total savings will mirror the amount they saved – a commendable 900,000 shillings.
  • However, it’s important to note that while substantial, the interest they’ve earned during these years falls short of the 25-year-old’s passive income.
  1. The 40-Year-Old Investor:
  • Lastly, imagine an individual with only five years of savings, beginning at age 40 and continuing until age 45, amassing 300,000 shillings.
  • Although the interest earned is noteworthy, their passive income remains significantly less than that of the previous investors.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Start Early: The undeniable wisdom here is to begin investing early. The earlier you embark on your investment journey, the more time your money has to reap the rewards of compound interest, potentially leading to substantial passive income over the long term.
  2. Long-Term Perspective: Building passive income through investments, such as money market and bond funds, necessitates patience and a steadfast long-term view. After all, as the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day – similarly, your investments require time to flourish.
  3. Deliberate Saving: Make a commitment to regular savings, and consider automating your investments with standing orders. Discipline in saving is pivotal to realizing your financial aspirations.

Looking Ahead to Retirement:

To underscore the significance of these principles, let’s cast our gaze toward a group of 100 young people aged 25 today. As they approach the golden age of 65:

  • Only one out of 100 will stand as a beacon of wealth and financial independence.
  • Four out of 100 will find themselves in a position of financial security.
  • Five will still be toiling away, their retirement plans having fallen short due to inadequate preparation.
  • Twelve will have seen their savings dwindle, leaving them financially fragile.
  • Twenty-nine will no longer be among us.
  • A significant 49 will find themselves dependent on the goodwill of friends and charity, relying on the support of others to navigate their retirement years.

These scenarios illuminate the profound impact of early and strategic investing, emphasizing the importance of harnessing the remarkable force that is compound interest in your financial journey.

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As we explore the pathways to creating passive income through money market and bond funds, here’s why  Britam shines as the prime choice for your investment journey:

  1. Professional Financial Advisors: Britam boasts a formidable network of seasoned financial advisors, your guiding stars through the investment cosmos. These experts are your compass, offering personalized advice, demystifying your investment options, and helping you craft an investment strategy that perfectly aligns with your unique financial goals.
  2. Cutting-Edge Digital Platforms: Britam takes the digital route, providing user-friendly platforms that put the power in your hands. The “My Britam app” and the customer portal empower you to seamlessly create an account, manage your investments, and monitor your progress. Convenience and flexibility define the Britam digital experience.
  3. USSD Accessibility: Britam goes above and beyond, catering to a broader audience with a convenient USSD option. By simply dialing *778#, you can access a plethora of financial products, including money market and bond funds, right from your mobile phone.
  4. Irresistible Offers: Britam understands the importance of accessible investing. Currently, their bond fund offer is a testament to this commitment. They’ve reduced the minimum investment period to just two weeks, and the minimum investment requirement stands at a mere 1,000 shillings. This opportunity opens doors for investors across diverse financial spectrums to embark on their passive income journey.
  5. Open-Ended and Liquid Funds: Britain’s money market fund remains open-ended and highly liquid. While they’ve introduced a minimum investment period for bond funds, they’ve also ensured that you retain flexibility. You can withdraw your funds after the initial two weeks, ensuring liquidity when you need it.
  6. No Early Withdrawal Penalties: Britam values your financial freedom. Therefore, they’ve waved goodbye to early withdrawal penalties for their bond fund. This flexibility guarantees that your money is at your disposal without any constraints.

In navigating the intricate world of financial security and passive income, it is paramount to recognize the pivotal role that early and informed investing plays. Compound interest, aptly dubbed the “eighth wonder of the world,” emerges as a potent force that can transform your financial trajectory. It rewards those who embark on their investment journey with a long-term perspective and disciplined savings habits. These principles aren’t merely theoretical concepts; they hold the key to shaping the quality of your retirement and your financial independence.

Britam, a distinguished financial services provider, stands as a promising partner on this journey. Through their cadre of professional financial advisors, cutting-edge digital platforms, and accessible investment options, they aim to empower individuals from all walks of life to chart a course toward financial stability and growth. Their bond fund offer, with reduced minimum requirements and no early withdrawal penalties, reflects their commitment to making investment opportunities accessible to a wider audience.

As we conclude this exploration of passive income generation through money market and bond funds, let it serve as a call to action. Regardless of where you are on your financial journey, the key is to start early, invest wisely, and stay the course. Embrace the remarkable potential of compound interest, secure your financial future, and, above all, make deliberate choices that align with your aspirations. Your financial independence awaits, and with the right strategy, it can become a tangible reality.

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